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    • CommentAuthorAdalida
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2007
    Has anyone ever had an elderly pug that would drag their foot when they try to use the bathroom? My twelve year oldfemale Adalida has gotten progressively worse in the past 6 months. The foot on the left hind leg flips over as she hunches to use the bathroom thus leaving the paw pad up and dragging it so she topples over. The x-rays do not show any bone issues. She can no longer go up the stairs and has to be carried. I must support her coming down by holding her harness so that she does not tumble but I encourage her to walk down to keep up her muscle.

    She is my beloved pet and she does not seem to be in physical pain but she has the same difficulty on the slick floor in the kitchen so I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their older pugs. I have pain meds for her arthritis as well as give her joint supliments. Any ideas of what this might be and how to help her? Thank you so much for your input.
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2007
    I don't know about this problem. What does the vet think?

    I have heard of dogs taking glucosamine / condroitin supplements for joint problems, just like humans.Gizmo and Gadget's Dad
    • CommentAuthorpnp7123
    • CommentTimeJun 5th 2007
    Yes - my 13yr old female pug is completely dragging her left leg now - it got progressively worse over the past 6 months. She's been x-rayed and there's nothing going on that they can see. The vet said it could be a tumor pressing on her spine, but they'd have to do extensive testing & possible surgery and even if it is a tumor - if it's entangled in the spinal column - the wouldn't be able to remove it, so I don't want to put her through an unnecessary surgery. She's in no pain. She can feel absolutely nothing in that leg. She has started having problems going potty - so I learned how to express her bladder and that really seems to help. I'm looking into getting her a cart.

    Please let me know if you learn anything about this condition.

    • CommentAuthorjonkate
    • CommentTimeSep 20th 2007
    I don't own a pug but saw your dog's symptoms via a google search. May want to look up "DM" - Degenerative Myelopathy. It is an autoimmune disease much like MS in humans. I am not saying that is what it it could be other spinal issues as you already noted. Worth looking into as the symtoms appear similar....
    • CommentAuthorgoo217
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2008
    well my pug had dm degenerative myelopathy and it started out with him not being able to use his back legs it got worse and worse everyday eventually he couldn't pee any more this is a genetic diease and is fatal it doesn't hjust ocur in elderly dogs because he passed away when he as only 5 yars old so waatch for the symptoms and get vet care immidiatly.
    • CommentAuthorprintcess
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2011
    Hi Adalida,
    I know it's been a while, but my 11.5 year old pug is showing the same problems as your pug did. Did you ever find out what was the problem?
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