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    • CommentAuthorkenkat64
    • CommentTimeApr 3rd 2010
    An update for anxious pug lovers regarding our Koko. Since we last wrote Mar 13 Koko has miraculously kicked ass for now. We had almost decided to relieve her of her suffering and had taken her off all meds so she could recognize us and function somewhat normally for a while when suddenly she stopped twtching, stumbling and wandering into walls. We then watched her recover, slowly at first with many sleepless nights while she vomitted constantly and was very anxious. After about a week of this she gained amazing strength back, her vision and all the quircky characteristics that we have come to love so much also returned. We are thankful that God has granted us extra time with our precious Koko and will cherish all of it. Fortunately for us our Koko seems to fall into the category of rare cases that have won a bout with this horrble disease........we always knew she was amazing. Our hearts go out it in a big way to all who suffer from this disease
    Our amazing boy, Samson, died suddenly in the early hours of Easter Monday, aged just two years and four months. We had no warning and found him passed away in the morning. We are writing this blog, partly to try to come to terms with our enormous loss and partly to help other readers, just like the other stories have helped us. Samson was our little blob, who liked nothing more than to snuggle between your legs with his head in your lap. He was an active boy, who walked in the forest every day with his walker and all his doggy friends. He was also very active in trying to explain to his little brother about the pack dynamics, with little effect! Sammy did have some breathing difficulties and actually collapsed a few times and had to be resuscitated. He had an operation to widen his nostrils and trim his soft palate and that had a great affect. He didn't even snore anymore. We thought that was that. While we have not had confirmation, these stories ring so true that we are almost certain that this is what our boy died from. We are so thankful that he did not suffer. We are finding it hard to come to terms with what has happened and are trying to find out if there was anything we could have done different.
    At the end Samson had an amazing life and we were so blessed to have him in our lives for two years. The day before he died was a glorious sunny day (Rare in London!) and he sat in the porch, sunbathing, with his big brown eyes squinting as if to say, "Daddy, this is the life!" Daddy and mommy miss you so much Sammy.
    • CommentAuthorrosebud
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2010
    I'm so sorry for your loss of Samson. It's so heartbreaking. It's been almost five months since my beloved Pugsly passed away and everyday is still a struggle for me. I miss him so much. I wish you the best in this difficult time.
    • CommentAuthorstephenjd
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2010
    I lost my beloved 7 year 9 month old Cooper yesterday morning (or Sunday late night)...I found him dead and stiff on his pillow in his room. I couldn't believe it.... I am wondering if I could get some suggestions on what you think may have caused this since i didn't have an autopsy done. Cooper has had spinal problems which caused his spine to become a bit curved up and his back legs to be weak and rigid when walking (almost like he was walking on stilts). Due to this, he has never really been able to go out and exercise so he had become a bit obese too (was 23 pounds when he died). He was on thyroid pills for a couple years and that did seem to help for a while and did make him a bit skinnier but then it seemed like it tapered off a bit (he grew immune to it maybe?). On Saturday, I was outside brushing him and noticed that he had a little less hair in one patch of his side that I didn't notice before. Thinking not much of it, I didn't take him to the vet. The next day (Sunday), I took Cooper outside to go to the bathroom and he was very sluggish (which was not uncommon as he was lazy and slept a lot), more than normal, and when he walked up the stairs he kind of meandered up them one leg at a time to the top. Once he got to the top, he had a little seizure like episode where his legs were weak and started to fall backwards and peed. I actually had to grab him so he didn't fall down the steps. About an hour or two later, he had another episode where he let out a sound thats sounds like a baby crying and went out to find that he had peed again while laying in the floor and he was laying right in it. I picked him up, went to the kitchen to wipe the goo out of his eyes (which was very excessive for some reason),and noticed that he had a cut/lesion in his inner top eyelid. Thinking he must have done it when scratching, I didn't think anything of it. I carried him downstairs to his room knowing he wasn't feeling well and put him in his bed to rest. I thought that if he was still feeling bad that I would take him to the vet the next morning (Monday) since the vet was closed Sunday and I was going out of town for the day. About 10 a.m. I left the house and my wife called me around 5 p.m. or so saying Cooper had moved to the other bed we have for him in his room, was breathing funny, and wouldn't eat or drink. At this point I need something was up but didn't think it was life or death so decided to take him to the vet in the morning. The next morning at about 9 a.m., I went downstairs to let him out and see how he was doing since I hadn't seen him since 10 a.m. the previous morning and we found him on his other bed, dead/stiff, and laying down like he was sleeping on his stomach with a urine stain underneath him. I was so heartbroken...never in a million years did I think anything was life or death. I am beating myself up over this as if I knew it was that serious then I would have cancelled my plans for that day and taken him to the vet. I wasn't even with him when he died (no one was) either which hurts me as I know he died alone. Not sure if it was Sunday night or Monday morning that he died but whatever it was, it was very quick. I had him cremated yesterday so didn't have an autopsy...I wish i had. Any ideas on what could have happened? I now read about this PDE but he was almost 8 years old...could that happen that old? I am just at a loss and in shock...he seemed o.k. Friday and even Saturday and by Monday morning he was dead.
    • CommentAuthorstephenjd
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2010
    Cooper was actually getting worse in regards to hearing and vision I noticed over the last several months though too...forgot to mention that. Had to almost scream for him to hear me when he was outside going to the bathroom and waive my hands over my head for him to see me.
    • CommentAuthorbella1
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2010
    My baby FOXY just died last night, she will be two years old next month. Its the most horribble devistating thing that has happened I feel like I have lost my child. She was such the center of focus and attention in our family.
    Last Thursday she was laying on the couch after I got home from work, I noticed throughout the evening she wouldnt get up and jump down, when it was time to go to bed she always followed us to our bedroom to goe to sleep, I picked her up and put her in the bed, I went on to work the next day, when I got home she was hiding under the tables and she seemed to be isolating herself more and more, I thought that mabey she had hurt her back or pulled her back jumping up and down furniture, she would go in and out be sleepy and sick acting, then when my husband got home from work she would get up to see him, off and on all weekend she would act like this, by monday we took her to the vet and dropped her off, they kept her all day monitored her they only did a exam and a fecal test, I called throughout the day and asked how she was doing they said she was doing fine, my husband picked her up and the vet told him she may have pullled a mucsle gave her a bottle of antiflamitory said give her one a day and keep her still and if she wasnt feeling better by friday then bring her back for xrays, he gave her the pill that evening she was stumbling around like she was "drugged" from the medication, she still seemed to be in pain, she would hide throughout that evening, I went to pick her up to take her to bed, when I went to lay her on the bed she started a seizure lasted 30 seconds, she lost her urine and layed on her side stiff and making a loud crying noise, she came out of it and I had her sleep next to me all night checking on her. that morning I got up and she was laying in bed looked fine looking at me, so I let her lay there, I went to work, my husband said she was shaking and still not acting right, he brought her back to the vet and they ran blood test and said to take her home they would call with the results, the whole day passed, I my way home my husband called and said we need to take her to the vet he picked her up and she urinated uncontroabally on him (normally she uses her pad), we rushed her to the vet, we watched her try to walk she still had alot of fight in her, the vet said to take her to louisville to the bigger animal hospital and let them look at her or we can put her to sleep, she said she probabally has a brain tumor or a spinal tumor, so we went home got our daughter and went on to the hospital, in the car she has two seizures, she still looked up at me when I kissed her on the head and had that connection in her eyes with me, we got her to the hosp. talked to the vet she said tumors and leisions are at the bottom of her list because she is so young, she said she could have epilepisy, she said leave her here over night and well give her anti seizure meds and fluids and do xrays, we kissed her goodbye, thought she would be better, stopped and got something to eat, about thirty mins. later the vet called my phone and said that Foxy had a few more seizures they were getting ready for xrays and she was moreless brain dead, they intubated her she wasnt breathing or swallowing on her own, but her heart was still beating, she said she was pretty much gone, she asked if we wanted to let her go, and we said any chances and she said shes not responding, so they put her to sleep, We brought her home wrapped up in a blanket from the hospital, got her a pink box, wrapped her up in her favorite blanket kissed her she looked like she was just sleeping, and we put her in the ground. I now cant function I cant go to work I feel like I have lost my baby girl, I cant quit crying everything in the house reminds me of her, I couldnt sleep, Idont know how to go on. She was my shadow she was so full of life and spirit, she was so healthy, the vet said did she get into anything toxic, I said no she just took that one pill the vet prescribed, there was nothing around the house she got into, I asked her about this disease, she said Ive never seen it this aggressive, but by reading these posts, it sounds like the same disease that took my Foxy that took these other beloved pets, I truly think this is what took her, I have guilt thinking is there something I could have done for her. I miss her so much, no other dog will replace her, I feel if I get another pug will the samething happen to her that happened to Foxy, she had a wonderful life, but if was too short almost two?? Reading these comments has helped me it was not knowing what happened to her. I miss you Baby Foxy, If anyone can help me deal with this grief please help me, Foxys Mom
    • CommentAuthorstephenjd
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2010
    I know exactly how you feel my posts above yours, I lost my pug quickly and unexpectedly too. So sorry for your loss, I know how tough it is. This sudden death seems to be a more common occurance than I knew of.
    • CommentAuthorstephenjd
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2010
    I mean Bella...sorry.
    • CommentAuthorbella1
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2010
    stephenjd, I too am soo sorry about your loss also, I myself feel like I could have done more, I'm angry at the vet for not putting her on seizure medication, I trusted him to take care of her, I called the pet hospital where she died and was put to sleep tonight to talk to the vet to make sure we did the right thing by putting her to sleep, mabey she would have come out of it, I am second guessing myself too, I will be twentyfour hours almost since she passed, myheart is so torn up, I talk to people and they never heard of pde, or they tell me its curable, what happened why so sudden what happens does the brain swell does it hurt, the last time I looked at her in her eyes was on the way to the hosp after she had two seizures I kissed her on her forehead and she looked up at me asking me in her eyes for help, I dont know how to deal with it, I wish we could have had her cremated, we buried her, she looked so perfect like she was just sleeping, I feel you and your families pain.
    • CommentAuthorgbird
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2010
    to bella1 and stephenjd I am sorry for your loss.

    One year ago today, I was in the same position you are currently in. I lost Izzy, her story is on the first page. The first week after her death was extremely difficult and I cried everyday and I went though the "what if" phase too. Eventually, I realized there was nothing that could have been done for her and even if I had brought her to the vet sooner I highly doubt they would have been able to help since she showed no symptoms.

    I promise it will get better and you start to remember all the good times you had together and how you had given your dog the best possible life. I still miss Izzy a great deal today and I think I will always miss her. It no longer hurts as bad. No dog can ever replace her but I am to a point now where I am beginning to look for another black pug. There is still so much I love about this breed that I am willing to take a risk again with another pug.

    Four things that helped me deal with Izzy's death.
    1. Writing down everything I could possibly remember about her.
    2. Rainbow Bridge:
    3. Doing the memorial services at
    4. Putting her favorite toy in a safe place and putting her picture in a special frame.

    Hope this helps and I promise as time goes it will get better.
    • CommentAuthorstephenjd
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2010
    Yes, it is definitely difficult. Like I said, the worst part is that I didn't take my pug to the vet because he just started acting funny on Sunday and late that night he died....didn't even get a chance and if I had known it was serious I would have taken him to the emergency vet. Just feel bad about that. Also, my wife and I recently had a baby and so the last year or so I feel like he took the back seat a bit....just a lot of regret and thinking about the 'what ifs'.
    • CommentAuthorbella1
    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2010
    gbird, Thanks so much for you suggestions on how to cope I believe they will help me cope with our loss, the main thing that bothers me so much is that her death seemed very traumatic. We also got a little closure today we brought her to be cremated, I couldnt imagine her buried and so we brought her today, the secratary said this vet doing the cremation is very careful and treats the pets with respect and dignity, I feel that was her last step. She was a indoor dog and she belongs inside with her family not outside. That also made me feel better. It has gotten a tad easier, I just keep replaying her days leading up to her death in my head. Thanks so much God Bless
      FOXY BABY.jpg
    • CommentAuthorRoggie05
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2010
    Stephenjd and bella1,

    It will be two years in August that I have been without my Lucy. She died from PDE like your beloved pugs. Reading your stories made me miss Lucy so much because I can relate to both your stories in some way. Lucy was diagnosed with PDE 14 months before it took her life. She had bad seizures, we took her to the animal hospital, and I got the blowing news that she had PDE based on an MRI. Somehow, we were able to keep it under control for 14 months with anti-seizure meds. Due to her initial seizures though, she was blind in one eye, deaf in one ear and she ballooned to 28 pounds due to the medication. However, she never lost her spunk. She was also my rock. It's amazing how much unconditional love a dog can give.

    The day that she passed away, I woke up to her having a really bad and really long seizure. As my mom frantically drove us to the vet (she loved that dog almost as much as I did), I remember holding Lucy as she was seizing and just looking in her eyes, telling her how much I loved her, and that she would be ok. In my heart though, I knew that was it...I was losing her. The vet gave her meds to stop seizing, and after a few hours, she called to say Lucy just wasn't coming out of it. She couldn't breathe on her own, and she wasn't responding to the vet pinching her toes. My husband was out of town, so I had to make the heartbreaking, but right, decision on my own. That was one of the toughest days I have ever experienced.

    I went through a lot of guilt like you guys did...could she have been saved if I found her seizing earlier? To this day, I have no idea how long she had been seizing before I found her. My son, first child, was also four months old at the time, so I went through the guilt of thinking I didn't spend enough time with her in those last few months. However, though it took lots of time, I have come to realize that I did the right thing for Lucy and that she would have eventually suffered more if I hadn't. I also know that even though she didn't get all the attention she deserved from me those last few months due to a lot of my time being spent with my son, she didn't love me any less.

    Gbird gave some great suggestions on coping with the loss of a pet. I did write down all the things I loved about my girl and all the things that made me laugh. I also have her ashes in a can with her collar and favorite toy on top of a bookshelf in my office. I still have pictures up of her around the house, and that Rainbow Bridge truly helped me to understand that we will see each other again someday (though it makes me cry like a baby when I read it).

    A few months after we lost Lucy, my husband brought home a tiny little black pug. I loved having a pug so much, and since Lucy was fawn, my husband thought getting another pug that is a different color might help me. Of course I loved my new pug, Gracie, right away, but they certainly are two different dogs!! I still occasionally catch myself comparing Gracie to Lucy, but they are such different dogs, and they both hold a place in my heart now. Oh, and we did some major research on breeders before getting Gracie because I can't do PDE again. It sucked.

    My heart goes out to all of you who have lost a dear pet. I hope someday this crappy disease will be curable, because it breaks my heart to read everyone's stories on the loss of their pug.
    last monday, june 7th, we lost our beloved pug hoshi to pde. she was only 8 months old and so full of life. she had been sick for a week and a half, the vet put her on antibiotics for a skin infection that seemed to help. however on sunday the 6th she started running around in circles and holding her on the wall and couch, that is when i went online to research her meds and came across the symptoms for pde. as soon as i read them heart sank, my little baby was showing all the signs of this cruel disease. all i could do was hold her and try to soothe her. i gave her her meds sunday night and afterwords she seemed almost her old self for the rest of night, and i almost fooled myself to thinking she would be ok. i went to work as usual on monday, at about 1 pm my wife called me saying hoshi was having seizures and crying uncontrollably, she took her to the vet and they put her on an iv. the vet was clueless even after i asked about pde. they said they were running blood tests and would let us know what was going on the following day. well they called at 5 pm and said hoshi's breathing had shallowed and they put her oxygen, and then she passed away a half hour later. i have lost dogs before, but to lose one at such a young age, and had been so full of life until the last two weeks is worst thing i can imagine. it has been almost a week and i am still wiping the tears while typing this. i miss you so much hoshi and will love you forever.
    hello,having read this has brought back memories of my pug rupert who died nearly two years ago of suspected pde.he was 4.Normally day,never ever been ill,he ran into my legs and went over on his side and had a huge fit,everything was shaking and he was choaking on salvia,got to the vets,they put him under to rest his brain,sdly he never came around and died peacefully 24 hours later.i miss him so much,i have an album of him,i have his ashes on the mantle peice,i just want him back
    miss you mr bear,run free with all these other puggies at rainbow bridge
    • CommentAuthorcarly
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2010
    Im almost in tears as I read through these heartbreaking storys. My Beloved ROO is ill right now. Late sunday she had her first seizure. pretty violent. We ran her to the vet monday... he said she has a bad inner ear infection & may have epolipsy. he gave us some meds for the ear & antibiotics. she still continued to have the seizures. atleast once a day. Then wednesday she stopped.. we went back to the vet to do a check up & he said her infection was going away but wanted to do a blood test to check for anything else. It came back clear yesterday accept for a high white blood cell count, he said that was in turn due to the infection she is fighting. We was instructed to keep her on the medicine until this next monday. BUT she had another tonight :(
    I started searching online to see what I can find when I came accross all this PDE info. With tears streaming down my face I dont want her to suffer this, Im so worried we are going to loose our baby girl.
    • CommentAuthorwelovepug
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2010
    Any kind of infection can cause a seizure. My sister's pug had a couple of seizures when he had a UTI. That was 5 years ago and he never had another. So please just wait and see.
    • CommentAuthorcarly
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2010
    UPDATE: Our Roo is kinda doing better. We wont give up on her!!! :)
    The vet gave her anti-sezure meds & has she been laying down & sleeping ALOT but she still has a huge appetite & drinks regurly during the day. she gets up & walks around (mostly slowly)(& clumbsy) but her tail wags like crazy & shes starting to respond to us calling her :)
    - we just hope she keeps improving.

    ~~ this is our Roo about a year ago...
      roo relaxing.jpg
    • CommentAuthorwelovepug
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2010
    YYYEEEAAAHHH!!! I hope Roo is with you and us for a LONG time.
    • CommentAuthorbethyseeu
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2010 edited
    On 08/23/2010 My little pug died at 10:55 pm i miss her much she was 19 months we were up at the cottage and areond 12:30am she went into labor and after the second puppy came out she started to have seizures lasting 2-3 minutes i i took her to the ER at 1am and they gave her valium and she stoped we left the vet at 6am and around 10:30am she started to walk or drag herself in circles and she was hitting her head on everything she could we went back to the vet and they were on the phone with the neurologist all day she didnt stop having seizures and the meds didnt even help we took her to the neuro in Toronto and they said she has PDE.I felt like i last my own child i love her so much so i brought the kids and our dog santana in to say our good byes.Then we put her down she was crying she was still have seizures when we said our good byes i stayed with her when they put her down i heart is broken i miss my little vaccuum she was my life my home is not the same without her and santana isnt the same hes not eating very much and licks her toys now im feeding her puppies every 2-4 hours by hand but would trade it all for her her babies are doing well and we are keeping all of them she left me but gave me a gift i do hope her babies are just like her thank you and god bless all or our pugs
      i phone pics 3 007.JPG

    First I want to thank everybody that has contributed to this site as over the last few months it has helped knowing that our plight was not unique. Even if most of the time it was to say “Oh well Ugg has not done that, It can’t possibly be PDE!” While our hearts are broken its also comforting that we are not alone.

    I bought Ugg three years ago as an anniversary present for my wife from a reputable breeder who I researched quite thoroughly; it was our first anniversary. For years she had loved Pugs to the extent that our desktop was a picture of two Pugs that we named Stinky and Smelly. So being the loving husband I arranged for us to collect a little fawn Pug on the day of our anniversary, little did we know how much one small puppy would change our lives and us.

    From the very first night he ruled this house and our lives revolved around him. He was full of energy and fun. Every single day he made us smile and his unconditional love really made us better people. We began by saying how he would not sleep on our bed at night, that lasted all of a few days before we couldn’t deny those eyes anymore. He would play with the weirdest of things – his favourites being a fabric butterfly he tore off my wife’s slippers, old toothbrushes and a dispenser for gel washing deterrent.

    He loved us both in different ways. My wife was his Mummy, the one he cuddled and kissed. I was his play buddy who loved to be chased and play pull with his toys. He loved his spot on the window where he would bark at anyone that dared walk past the house. Or birds – he really hated them.

    He was bought to be my wife’s pet but he became a family pet – my in laws especially my mother in law looked after him every day while we worked and he gave her the best company possible, My sister in law got to spend a lot of time with him while she was pregnant and he was so protective of her. His ear tickles from his granddad who was the only one who could do it right. My new niece may have harassed Ugg but he loved her, she is not the gentlest of children but he never got mad or nasty. Even our work colleagues were in love with him without meeting him; we may have talked about him a little! Everybody loved our son.

    We had three years of wonderful memories and I have to say that earlier this year my wife had a very serious health scare. We thought that we could lose her but Ugg gave her reason to keep on going. Luckily it all turned out ok but I believe that he saved her so he was our hero.

    I’m sorry if I have gone on a little too much before getting to the point but he was so special and I want as many people to know that as possible. So now the hard part. On the 16th July I returned home from work. He had spent the day sleeping with his Mummy but when he got up to greet us he collapsed and had a fit (less than 30 seconds). Now in the weeks running up to this we had noticed that he was not himself. He didn’t have his bounce but a visit to the vet had found nothing. After the first fit we rushed to the vet again who still didn’t think too much of it and gave us some rectal Valium in case it happened again. We got home and he was more himself then he had been before but a couple of hours later he had another fit much worse then before (about a minute), the howl he let out shattered my heart. We rushed back to the emergency vet this time who talked about the possibility that it was PDE and that we needed to go to a specialist in Liverpool (100 miles away) for diagnosis and possible treatments. We travelled up to Liverpool immediately and arrived at the centre just after midnight. He was a guest at the puppy spa as we called it for a week while they ran tests including MRI and spinal tap. On the Tuesday the specialist (one of the best in the country) rang and told us that he suspected PDE. He suggested a trial that would hopefully slow down its progression and even stop it. He also said that the damage to his brain was almost unidentifiable and that we couldn’t have caught it sooner. We agreed to the treatment as long as his quality of life was good.

    The treatments started on the Wednesday – they consisted of 4 rounds of essentially chemotherapy (I want to say Chemix IV but I’m unsure now) taking place at three weeks intervals. This was combined with a course of steroids – 4 per day going down to 1 per day over a course of 5 weeks.

    We picked him up on the Friday and while they said that he had not had any fits all week we knew that he had. He was out of it and had one in front of us (20 seconds). The vet then gave up phenobarb (30mg) to be taken twice a day as well.
    He continued to have small fits every 20 mins on the way home (20 seconds) and several bigger ones that night (30 – 60 seconds). However the stubborn little man then had no more fits till this last week. On Tuesday September 7th he suffered several large fits one lasting more then 4 mins which took his sight in one eye. All of a sudden he showed all the symptoms of PDE – the pacing, the walking into things, the circling. We knew then that hope was gone. We spent the night with him, comforting him and him us – the kisses he gave us will be with us always. At about 4am Wednesday morning he woke up but (and I cant put this any better) he was no longer there. When we got up though he got up with us and seemed a little more with us, but by 12pm we knew that we had to help him on his way. At 4pm with his Mummy and Daddy holding him and comforting him he was helped into the next life. In his last moments he was himself again and the look that he gave us was one of love, thankfulness and relief.

    He now rests at the top of our garden, forever guarding his home and looking out for us. We are getting a mature bush to mark where he is and he has Winnie the Pooh and Piglet keeping him company. Everyday we talk to him, and will forever and tell him how much we miss and love him. Our hearts are broken, our home is empty and now just a house. I know in time it will get easier but losing our little son has been the most heart breaking and difficult time in our lives. Never again will I have my Saturday lie in with him sleeping on my shoulder or see his excited little dance when I got home.

    We were lucky to get the time we had with him, but 3 years is not enough. But he had the best possible life and even when we were at work he was cared for by his grandma (all of his life not just the illness)

    To anyone that has suffered this terrible disease with their little boy or girl, I am so so sorry. Why such a disease can strike such a wonderful being is so unfair. Pugs are the most caring and loving beings in the world. We always called him a people pug, as he was so funny, clever, caring and beautiful, he was a real character who touched the lives of everyone around him. From family, to friends everybody loved him,

    Now what advice can I give? If you suspect symptoms – get to the vet straight away. Have insurance, his bills totalled about £6000 now if they hadn’t covered it I would have found the money for him somehow but I am glad that I didn’t have to. At the end of the day though you know your little buddy and you know what they need, they will tell you when they cant fight anymore.

    Do I think that any of the treatment helped? Yes I think that it slowed it down but I think that the Pheno was the biggest help. But I am grateful as it gave us 7 weeks that we wouldn’t have had with the real Ugg and also the time to say goodbye.

    PDE is still fatal but we hoped that he would be the breakthrough. We have no regrets and while this week has been hard I am glad that we kept to the promise that we made to each other that when he had had enough that we would help him.

    I have a request from everyone though. I am planning to donate a monthly amount of money to some charity or centre that is making efforts regarding PDE but I would like some valid suggestions. This is my way to honour him.

    Thank you for reading – I know that this has gone on a while but I didn’t want to sell him short.

    RIP Ugg White – You will be missed forever, We love you – Your Daddy and Mummy. (Sorry for the double post I hope this is ok)
    • CommentAuthorbethyseeu
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2010
    Im so sorry for your loss ugg family i miss my coco so much today marks 3 weeks and everyday i wish i could have made it better but our little pugs know that we loved so much and gave them the best we could
    • CommentAuthornflguy
    • CommentTimeOct 21st 2010
    My Pug was diagnosed with CHF in September 2008(She was 12 yrs old at the time). Vet told us she would likely live only another 6 months. Well, the 6 months came and went and she was fine.

    She was on a daily regimen of vetmedin and Lasix. In Mid september 2010 she started barking a lot at night wanting to go outside (she would wake us every few hours). She was still eating and drinking as normal and showed no signs of distress other then late night barking.

    We took her to the Vet Saturday Sept 18th figuring she would need her meds adjusted. The vet told me to increase her lasix and he precribed two other meds.

    She stopped barking at night so we thought it had worked. On Friday Sept 24th she didn't eat. I didn;t think much of it at the time becuase sometimes dogs won't eat for a day here or there if not feeling good.

    She went to the Vet again on Sat Sept 25th. This time he took a blood sample. He said her Kidney levels were high (bad) and too decrease her meds.

    So saturday night (9-25) she was back to just vetmedin and lasix. She didn't eat Sat night. So I started getting worried.

    On Sunday morning (9-26) she took her meds. I always put her pills in something called a pill pocket (a doughy treat that she loved so giving her meds was easy). She took her meds that morning but still wouldn't eat. She also wouldn't take her meds Sunday night.

    Late Sunday night she threw up some bile or something. Then went to sleep and seemed comfortable.

    On Monday morning she threw up again and refused to eat and just seemed miserable. I went and bought her a special prescription canned dog food they give to dogs that are too sick to eat. She wanted nothing to do with it. I called the vet and was told the only option was to give her fluids through an IV but becuase of her heart condition she was unlikely to survive it. He suggested an anti-acid incase she had an ulcer but that #1 she had actually eat the meds which she wont do while refusing to eat anything and #2 he suspected renal failure.

    While I was holding her on the patio later that day she suddenly stopped moving. She died right then and there.

    I have not felt pain like that since my dad died when I was a teenager. She died on Sept 27th, 2010 and it's only been a few days since I started sleeping and eating normally.

    We have discussed getting another pug. On the one hand I would like to get another Pug that looks just like her (We would LOVE the new pug too!) but wonder if we should get a pug that looks different such as a black pug.

    Back in the early 90's I lost a sheppard mix to cancer. I lived alone at the time and after a few weeks visited the city pound and looked at the dogs that were nearly out of time before getting put down. One of those dogs looked like she was the sister to the dog i had just lost. So i adopted her and my family reacted poorly. They said it wasn't healthy to get a new dog that looked so much like the dog I had lost. Anyway, the new dog ended up becoming an even bigger part of my life then my previous dog. She became my best friend and spent 15 yrs at my side.

    Soooo I'm wondering if getting a new pug that looks like the Pug we lost would be a good thing in the long run as it was for me with my sheppard mix OR if we should hold off on getting a new pug for awhile.
    • CommentAuthorsplaterpea
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    There is hope!!!

    My pug Mika was diagnosed with PDE in May 2010.
    This was after severe neurologic symptoms (Circling etc) The vet did a spinal tab to confirm it was inflammation on the brain.

    Lab results were sent to two of South Africa's leading specialists.

    Mika was immediately put on 5 X 5mg Prednisoline (cortisone) and then 0.93ml Cytosar(Chemotherapy drug) in the morning and the evening for 2 days.
    She started showing a great improvement and after 5 days she could come home.
    She remained on 5 X 5mg Prednisoline (additional medication is required to prevent stomach ulcers when on 5 tablets) for a month, this was reduced to 2.5 for a month and she is now on 1.5 a day.

    She has 0.93ml Cytosar(Chemotherapy drug) in the morning and the evening for 2 days every 21 days.

    The specialist recommended that she remain on the medication indefinitely as dogs when taken of the medication have a relapse and after do not respond to the medication as well as what is needed.

    There is hope
    Its been 5 months and she is doing great!
    She has no new symptoms since the original incident.
    (The incident has caused minimal permanent brain damage as her one front leg is not 100% but it's barely noticeable and her sight has been affected slightly)

    Attached is a pic of Mika recovering at the Vet hospital just before coming home.
    Our Dog Daisy passed away a few days ago. Right before I found her in the yard having a seizure, I changed the car's oil and left it out on the garage floor. I figured she drank some oil and that is what caused her illness. The Vets had mentioned PDE but I was so convinced it was the oil, I wasn't hearing it. Now that Ive read the posts I believe it was PDE. She started with seizures, lost her eye sight, and foamed from the mouth. After staying in the hospital overnight, and receiving valium and darazapam, they gave her back to me the next day stating she was as good as new. Well, when we got her home, she began acting dillusional running around the bed and barking at me as if I were a stanger. The next day she started ahving seizures again and was unable to get up. Also, she would not open her mouth or go to the bathroom so treating her at home was impossible. After returning to the Vet, the began treating her for an upset stomach and phemonia (aspirating in her lungs while throwing up) and sent her home again. After seizures became more frequent we went to the vet again and ran all the tests and xrays. Nothing conclusive but during the 30 minutes I stepped away for her Xrays, the Vet said she had 3 seizures and warned that is she had a prolonged one, she would suffer. She suggested a high priced neuro specialist and after speaking with him, determined that treatment could be several thouands with no promises. I had to make that tough decision and regret that I couldn't do more.
    Our darling pug, Duchess Delilah Daffodil, is currently fighting PDE. She is 4 1/2 years old. She had her first seizure at the end of August. She was seen twice at the emergency vet center, and the second time they sent us to a specialty clinic. We are fortunate to have a Board Certified Neurologist at the center, so I know that she is getting the best care we can give her. Unfortunately, despite the doctor's and our best efforts, I can see her deteriorating. It is absolutely breaking our hearts. My daughter picked her out when she was just a puppy, and she loves her so much, that as much as it hurts me to watch Delilah, I am dreading just as much, or maybe more, having to watch my daughter's grief over her beloved baby. I wish that we had known about this disease before we got her. We didn't know to ask about it, and we thought that we had a reputable breeder. My heart also goes out to all of you who have lost, or who will lose, your precious pugs. All we can do is to love them while we have them, and then hope that they will come running to meet us someday as we cross the rainbow bridge.
    I can sympathize with everyone on here. I lost my princess, Lulu, on June 30, 2010. That day was single-handedly the worst day of my life. I was getting ready for work and it was just Lulu and me at the house. I had just gotten out of the shower when i heard Lu hit the floor with a thud. Normally when she makes that noise, she is playing with her own foot. However this was not the case, because when I looked into the hallway I saw her having a seizure. I started frantically calling my mom and grandma. After the seizure was over she just laid there panting. I was petting her and soothing her as much as I could. When my grandmother got to the house, Lu started acting very strange. She was suddenly super hyper and running around and falling into things. She started acting more aggressive and was jumping on me and barking at me (which she never did because she was taught not to). I canceled my morning appointment to go with my grandma to the vet. On the way to the vet, Lulu had 2 more seizures. The vet told me to leave her with them and to go about my normal routine. It seemed that everyone had a positive outlook except for me. As soon as I got to my computer, I dove into research. I immediately found sites on PDE. I read through site after site learning the terrible outcome of the disease. I got a call around 2 p.m. from the vet asking me if she could have gotten into any chemicals, but in the back of my mind I knew that that wasn't the case. While researching I found this forum and read every single sad story of an adorable pug that had been taken by this disease. I hurt for all of the families and I became more and more sure that this was what was hurting my little Lulu. My grandma and I went back to the vet's office around 4 and I barely made in the door before I started crying. I had literally spent all day knowing more than the vet. I knew that this would be the last day I saw Lulu. He took me to the kennel they were keeping her in and the vet told me that she was very heavily sedated and that she shouldn't be having any seizures through the sedation, but she kept on having them over and over. Lulu was like my child and seeing your loved one go through that much pain is the hardest thing I have ever done. Lulu had around 40 seizures in less than 10 hours. I had taken my laptop with all of the PDE sites pulled up to the vet's to show him the diagnosis. He had never heard of the disease and after reading the information, he agreed with me that this was most likely what was wrong with her. All in all, I had diagnosed my own dog and I knew the prognosis. Lulu wasn't going to live. He expressed his apologies and let me sit with her alone. I just sat and cried into her fur. I had to wait on my mom to get off work and come to the vet's. My boyfriend, grandma, and mom all joined me in the tiny vet office. My mom and I held her and cried together while we tried to make the decision of what to do. We had 3 options. 1) We could put her down and end the pain. 2) We could take her home for the night and hope the seizures stopped. 3) Let her stay overnight at the vet's. All of the options sucked. My mom and I were leaving town the next day so either way we were going to have to leave her. If we took her home, the sedation would wear off and she would be in more pain and if we left her there she could possibly pass away during the night away from us. So we picked option number one. It was the toughest decision I have ever had to make. I knew I didn't want her in pain anymore, but it is so hard to let go. At least I was there when she passed away. I got Lulu when she was 7 weeks old and she was 3 years old when she died. Those 3 years were some of the best and funnest times of my life.
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    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2011
    I lost my Flo yesterday . she was a rescue dog and only had one eye. we had her for 10 monthys out of her 13 month life. she was my little mate more than a dog, she was like a little person. she gave me alot of happy times, she gave me a purpose in life. but i lost her to PDE the most heartbreaking thing i have ever seen. I've never felt so helpless, we thought she had an ear infection , so she was on medication. the vet said bring her back in a week, but she only 3 days past and she was gone. god bless my little flo for making me so happy, i love and miss you so much. in time i will share the details . thanks to all who haved shared their experiences it has helped me alot reading them.
      007 (2).JPG
    My boyfriend and I got our little Oscar on April 9th 2008, he was 11 months old. We got him from another couple that didn’t have “enough time” for him. When we saw the ad and the picture we though he was so cute, and we had to have him! It wasn’t even one day after we contacted the owners that he was at our house. We weren’t sure what to expect, neither of us ever having a dog before, but we fell in love with Oscar right away. He came with us everywhere and did everything with us. Our life revolved around him, taking him to the dog park, for walks, camping, to the beach, boating and we brought him pretty much anywhere that would allow us to bring a dog, sometimes we even turned down invitations to do things, because we couldn’t bring him with us and would rather spend time with him. He was our baby boy and we didn’t look at him as a dog or a pet, and I don’t think he even realized he was a dog. Oscar’s personality was amazing he had so many cute little quirks and he had the best kisses and snuggles! We always looked forward to coming home to him; he made us feel so welcome and missed, he was so excited to see us.
    We never thought this happiness would end until Wednesday April 27th 2011, that day he seemed a little off; we thought maybe he was just a little extra tired. When I came home from work that evening he jumped off the couch to come say hello to me when he fell over, he tried to get back up and fell again, I quickly picked him up and comforted him. After that he seemed fine still just tired, I thought maybe he got up too fast or something. Later that night we were laying on the couch watching TV and he got up and jumped off and fell over again, I quickly picked him up again. We decided we were going to take him to the vet first thing in the morning. That night I stayed up most of the night because he was shivering all night, I covered him up and snuggled him but it didn’t seem to help. In the morning we got a vet appointment at 10:15am, the vet touched him, listened to his heart and took his temperature and decided it was probably a back injury, something with his disk that he might have hurt jumping off things, he told us to carry him up and down stairs for a few weeks and gave him some steroids (prednisone). We were very relieved that this is all it was. That evening around 9:00pm Oscar got up off the couch and looked almost like he wanted to play, but then started staggering, fell to his side and had a seizure, just shaking though, he did not drool or poop or pee. We were so scared, we rushed to his side and comforted him and called the emergency vet on call. We brought Oscar in, we had heard and read about “Pug Dog Encephalitis”(though we never expected it to happen to us) so we mentioned it to the vet, but she had never heard of it, but she looked it up, ran some tests (blood test, pee test, and she checked his neurological responses) and everything came back normal, but she told us from what she read that it sounded like PDE and didn’t give us any other option, but referred us to a neurologist. The vet told us to continue the steroids, and upped Oscar’s dosage. Oscar almost seemed to return to normal for 2 days, Friday he was ok and Saturday he was very close to normal, he even played a little bit. On Sunday he began having little fits, where he would twitch his lips, lick and blink continually for 30 seconds or so at a time, he did that about 10 times on Sunday. Monday the neurologist called us and got us in right away, we got an appointment Monday afternoon; the neurologist was about 1.5 hours away so we headed up right away. He told us when he was having the faces twitches it was seizures, so he had about 10 on Sunday which is scary.

    Continued on next post..
    The neurologist told us a list of different things this could be caused by, PDE being on the list but one of many. Oscar also wasn’t showing all the symptoms of PDE he wasn’t walking in circles, although he was pacing, he wasn’t putting his head against walls and didn’t have a stiff neck. The neurologist told us our choices and we decided to get Oscar a Chest X-Ray, CT scan and a Spinal Tap, because this was the best way to find out what was wrong with our baby. The soonest he could get us in was Friday, so he gave us anticonvulsant medication and told us to stay on the prednisone. He told us if Oscar had more than 1 seizure in 24 hours that we needed to get him to a vet. Tuesday, Oscar seemed almost normal again, he gave us a good hello when we came home, and he was even a little playful. It was that night things got bad. Oscar had 2 of the face twitching seizures that evening between 8:30pm and 11:00pm and we called the emergency on-call vet, he said not to worry yet, but if he has more to call him again. We stayed awake to keep an eye on him, around 3:30am he had 2 more face twitching seizures in about 15 minutes. So we called the vet back and rushed Oscar in. The vet gave him an IV which was traumatizing for us and Oscar, because Oscar hated it so much and put up such a fight. The vet said we had to leave him there until morning, we were not happy with the idea because Oscar hated to be alone, but the vet said he was staying with him for most of the time and didn’t give us much of a choice. We called the neurologist in the morning and luckily there had been a cancellation that day and he would be able to just fit Oscar in for his X-rays, CT scan and Spinal Tap. We made the trip there again, in a hurry. Oscar was on his IV still, on the drive. They took Oscar in, telling us all the risks involved, we were so scared, but this was the only way to find out if we could make our baby better. Oscar did great and made it through everything and was so happy to see us when he woke up and we were just as happy to see him. The neurologist came out and told us that the white blood cell count in his spinal fluid was very high, and there were patches they could see on his brain, he said these signs point to PDE and nothing else. We were devastated; it just wasn’t fair something that only affected something like 1.2% of pugs and it happened to our baby. He gave us the choice to put Oscar to sleep right then, or we could take him home and try different medication and hope for the best. We couldn’t say good-bye to our baby, not this soon, so we took him home. We were hopeful that the new medications might work; at least for a while but none of the medications he was on before worked for him. We called our friends and family over, that night to say goodbye so we could spend the rest of the time with him and give him all the love he needed. That night Oscar peed on the floor twice which he never would have done, this made us very sad and you could tell he was too. Then he started having seizures, they were getting closer together and he was beginning to suffer. We knew at this point that this was it and we couldn’t watch our little Oscar suffer anymore. We called the emergency on call vet and decided to bring him in. Before we left, Oscar went into a seizure and wouldn’t come out; we had to give him Valium the neurologist gave us for emergencies to stop the seizure. It was the hardest thing we ever had to do but it was for the best, he was suffering. I held him and comforted him when the vet gave him the needle to put him to sleep, and I continued to hold him after, it was so hard to let him go. He was our baby boy. This was 1 week after he started falling down, everything happened so fast. Oscar brought so much joy to our lives and everyone that knew him. Everything is so quiet at home, and it feels so empty and lonely without him around.
    I think every pug owner should know about this terrible disease and know that it can happen to anyone, make sure you love your fur-babies like crazy, enjoy every moment and have no regrets because you never know what might happen.
    • CommentAuthorkkrraagg
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2011
    Mika died this morning from PDE at the age of 5. Her birthday was next week. I have been following this site for two weeks now, once she started to develop noticeable problems.

    She had an episode where she walked in a circle only able to go left. I immediately took her to the vets. They checked all her joints but could not find anything wrong and she had looked completely fine afterward so it was dismissed as just an unusual episode. A week later she started having seizures and again the vet could not find what was wrong. They suggested that we wait on the MRI and spinal tap in case she had just eaten something poisonous. Another week went by and she seemed her normal self. That is when this picture was taken. She went on walks and was wolfing down her food. Yesterday morning, she was almost completely unable to walk and only turned left when I took her outside. We took her back to the vets and the neurologist said that she appeared to have swelling in her brain and that they would like to keep her over night. We agreed. They called several times with updates of how she was and that most of the medication wasn't working. Steroids finally seemed to work and they would call us if she had any changes. She died the next morning (this morning).

    I feel for all of the people on this board and anyone that has had this unexpected and devastating problem.
    • CommentAuthorAyanadnb
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2011
    My baby Murphy just died yesterday, in my boyfriend's arms... while I was at work. I am devastated. This blog has truly given me hope in my heart and some relief, knowing that I was not alone.

    Murphy was diagnosed with epilepsy, and was on a large dose of phenobarbital, which kept getting increased due to her frequency of seizures (which averaged 4-5 a month). Several weeks ago she had a cluster of seizures (which wasn't abnormal because she always had cluster seizures), but these were horrible. 3-5 BACK TO BACK... she would try to walk and then seize again... it was horrible. I spent the night lying with her on the ground sobbing... The vet told me that it was possible that she had pug encephalitis.. but wasn't sure, that we would need to take her to a neurologist. In the meantime, they added another drug, potassium bromide.. which I gave to her in liquid form. At first, this seemed to help, as she didn't have any further seizures since the last really bad group, which were about 18 seizures in 4 days. I was super hopeful.

    She went to the vet's office and had her blood taken to make sure her levels were ok.. and the vet told me she looked great and was healthy on Tuesday. Wednesday morning she started acting funny... moving really slow, not being able to walk properly... then she tried to vomit, nothing coming out. She was shaking and cold, so I wrapped her in a blanket and held her. Several hours later, same symptoms.. she went outside and laid in the dirt so I thought she had an upset stomach, as she wouldn't eat. I gave her medicine and a little bit of food (forcefully unfortunately..) and then left for work. Five hours later my boyfriend came home, found her in the same condition, wrapped her in a blanket, and she died in his arms. I am completely shocked and devastated.... she took a turn for the worst and less than 12 hours later she was dead... the vet has no explanation... and I am dumbfounded. The only thing we can think of is Pug encephalitis... which I know she had... looking it up online she had all of the symptoms... I just didn't want to believe it. Now, unfortunately I have to live with it.

    For all of those people who own pugs and have gone through similar things... my heart is bleeding with you. I am so sorry for us all and our babies... let's get through this together!
    • CommentAuthorgotboost
    • CommentTimeOct 19th 2011
    I am writing this now with tears streaming down my face. Our beloved pug Bo had his first seizure last Thursday. We rushed to the vet and they gave him Pheno. He had a couple more seizures the next two days but then was seizureless for the last 3. He was then scheduled for a MRI and Spinal tap yesterday which was performed along withg all the necessary bloodwork and spinal fluid testing. Vet didn't think it was PDE but maybe a mild case of GME, but still an encephalitis. Spinal fluid was clear. He was started on prednisone along with the pheno and when I brought him home last night all he would do is pace around the house aimlessly with the occassional wimper and cry. He loves to sleep in the drivers seat of my wifes car so we put him there for the night so we could all get some rest, and he seemed to calm down.
    This morning my wife found him standing up in the car and very anxious. She let him out to go feed him and he started a seizure when he tried to eat. She rushed him to the vet where he was given valium and he had a bad reaction to it. They have finally got him in a drug induced sleep, but the neuroligist says it doesn't look good and asked what we should do. Bo is only 5 and was a present to my youngest daughter who is now 15. She and the rest of the family absolutely adore this dog, and the tought of losing him is even harder than watching my 86 year old mom die of cancer over a 8 month period. Lost my Mom 1 1/2 years ago, my othe dog 1 year ago...(he was 15), and now this. We already have spent $3000 the last couple days and now the vet would like to try a chemo drug and see if he responds......and the charge for his hospitalzation and this would be another $2000 today......where does this end? We are now waiting to talk to our primary care vet for his advice.
    FML right now.........I just don't know how I'm going to tell my youngest daughter that we are going to have to put him down............I suspect PDE no matter what the neuroligist says. Bloodwork result for infection, tick, bacteria, etc won't be in until late today as it had to be overnighted to a lab. Do we just let our BoBo go or spend more with the outcome very questionable?
    So sad.
    • CommentAuthorgotboost
    • CommentTimeOct 19th 2011
    We just decided to put our beloved Bo down......I've never been so upset in my life......I have had to deal with losing 2 parents but they were both 80+ and 2 other dogs but this for some reason is the hardest thing me and my family have gone through..........God I love that little guy.

    I just don't know how I'm going to break the news to our daughter. Life is so cruel some times.
    hi my name is libby, i'm a big time pug lover.i have 9 alltogether..... hope,indipendance,glory,dollar,liberty,barry,cookie,betty boop(booboo)and my newest member miricle.....the thing is that i've never really had any problems with any of them,just the usual ....except miricle who is 16 weeks old,well up until she was 9 weeks old she was just like the rest,now she's started having these fits,and they are full on too, very upsetting to watch,she's had two steroid injections which i think has not really helped,they only happen when she's asleep but she is having maybe 10 fits in a 24 hour window.....i'm worried
    My pug Busta passed away when he was 5 years old from what sounds like PDE. For the last year of his life, he had been in and out of the vet, hospitalized and sent home on meds and a special diet, but, that was due to him getting kidney stones on more then one occasion.

    At night, I would put him in his kennel that I kept in my room by my bed, for his own protection.
    Anyways, I was awoken by the sound of his cage rattling and knew something was wrong, I jumped up, turned on the light and saw he was having a seizure, something he had never had in his life. I got him out and put him on my bed and called the vet. He stopped seizing and acted like he couldn't see me anymore, he also seemed to have problems walking. Not a few minutes later and he started having seizures again, this time the seizure didn't stop, so, I wrapped him in a blanket and rushed him to the vet. Everything the vet tried to give him to stop, or control the seizure wouldn't work and then his temp spiked sky high and within a few minutes, he took his last breath and passed away. It felt like the breath was taken away from me, my heart was shattered. I got Busta when he was 6 weeks old from a lady who ran a puppy mill and I had to get him out of the living situation he was in. She had him in a cold basement, he hardly got any human attention and the home was in bad shape with all the dogs she was breeding. He was everything to me, I formed a bond with him unlike any other pet I have ever owned and that day he passed was the worst day of my's something I have never gotten over, something that still breaks my heart to this day and it always will.

    Not sure if PDE is what my Busta had, but, I have felt guilty since his passing, the bet basically blamed me for his death, saying he must of gotten into something toxic that night and that was the reason for the seizures and that it was my fault for letting him out unsupervised.
    • CommentAuthorPatricia N
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    PDE is a very unfortunate pug prone illness. Reading the stories on this thread breaks my heart. Although there isn't a cure for PDE some of the signs are pressing their head against furniture, staggering walk, confusion, lethargy, and apparently memory loss. I'm not quite sure how you gauge a pugs memory loss but the other signs seem to be okay. I have a small paragraph on my site outlining PDE if anyone would like to read it:

    Another alternative of purchasing your pug puppies from breeders is checking with a local adoption. Yes, many adoption pugs have health issues but, not all of them. We picked "Vinny" up from an adoption almost three years ago and not only has he been a huge blessing to our home, he has been a very healthy pug! We have pictures of him all over our site if you'd like to see (he's the faun one).
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    Didn't the vet diagnose the encephalitis or is it connected to the bladder infection? I hope your dog is in a happy and peaceful place right now.-Natalie and my pug, Buggy
    Yesterday I lost my boy Frank. He was so sad when his best friend Beckham (our other pug) passed on Xmas Eve. Beckham was 7 and had liver failure. PDE and liver failure exhibit the same symptoms. My vet originally thought Beckham had PDE until his blood tests came back. After weeks of of grieving Beckham Frank finally started to perk up a bit. We were all so happy about that. Then five days ago he started walking funny and tilting his head to the side. I took him for blood tests that came back negative. Frank and I were on our way back to the vet yesterday morning when he had a seizure in the car. I took out my phone to video the seizure wanting to show it to Dr. Berkowitz so he could maybe determine something from it. After a few moments he stopped and was still. I pulled over to check him and he was gone. I had no idea that I was filming him dying. I can't live with this fact. My heart is broken. I can't stop crying. Frank was such a good boy. A typical silly, fun loving pug. I rescued him 7 years ago. He was found in the Hamptons tied to a tree his whole puppy life. We were so lucky to have him. The next year we rescued Beckham from a family who could no longer keep him. It was love at first site for Frank. They were inseparable. I guess Frank just gave up. He missed Beckham too much. There is nothing more special than the love of a dog. But nothing more heartbreaking than losing your friend. All they ask for is love. I know that Frank and Beckham are back together now and that we gave them the best life here on earth.
    Sad... for your loss....with lots of sympathies....seizure(brain disorder).... is really very more read...
    well here we go again and its just as painful to see as it was the first little baby Miracle has not fitted since december,a whole 5 months.until a week ago it all started with no warning signs what so ever.i thought it would be easier because she was older, but omg! its even vet said other than medicating her,the only thing left is to put her to sleep,i just can't bare to do that,she has the odd long fit but mostly its though she tries controlling it to a degree, so most of them last for around a minute, but the after affect seems to last longer, her legs are weak,so when she starts going round in circles all she keeps doing is falling over and banging into things,so i keep her on my knee until i know she's ok.she's just a baby,its really not fair at all.i'm not the most religious person,although i do my bit,but my god have i prayed for this to go away, she's such a happy,naughty,lovable little breaks my heart everytime it starts.i really don't want to medicate her,she already becomes disoriantated and looks very lost after her fit,that last for some time heart goes out to all you lovely people who are suffering like us,its 3.30pm and her last fit was at 11.00 am.this has been the longest period in a week,in my pic miracle is at the back the its booboo and at the front is my 5 yr old liberty
      iphone feb 12 051.JPG
    Just this past week we had to make the difficult decision of putting Phoebe, our 10 month old pug to sleep. We are so heartbroken and it's difficult even being home and not having her jumping on the couch and cuddling with us, our home just seems so empty. She was perfect. It all started on a Tuesday, she was shivering quite a bit and I thought maybe she had eaten something. The next day I noticed she was not jumping from the couch or going up the stairs as if she was scared. On Thursday she seemed really off, but she wasn't vomiting or didn't have diarrhea. She was very lethargic, and when she was sitting up I noticed that her legs were sliding out, or twisting in and she would start closing her eyes, and fall over to the side because her legs couldn't support her. Friday morning my husband took her to the vet, and he ran about of tests and couldn't find anything wrong. He took a blood and urine sample and told us to bring her in Saturday. Now she was getting to the point where she wasn't able to stand properly and again very lethargic. Saturday we took her in and he said everything looked normal but he gave her some antibiotics just incase the tests missed something. While at the vet she started walking into things and seemed very disoriented. He immediately did an emergency referral to a neurologists. The next couple of days, they kept running tests and nothing was showing up and that's when the neurologist told us it looks like she has PDE. I argued because I said she hasn't had any seizures, or isn't walking in circles or pressing her head against the walls which I read were the main signs. So they thought maybe it was her liver, did some more testing and started her on treatment. She brightened up a bit, but when we brought her home the next day, she was sleeping alot, and wasn't able to support herself standing up. When she was walking, she kept bumping into things, was very disoriented and started walking in circles. On Wednesday she had her first seizure, it lasted 30 secs and it was broke my heart seeing her like that. At this point the neurologist said it is most likely PDE and we should consider treatment. Thursday morning I took her to the vet cause she wasn't eating or drink and I wanted to put her on IV fluids. I had her in my lap and she seized twice on our way there. The vet told us that they were giving her anti-seizure meds but the moment they wore off she started seizing again. We talked over treatment, and he said with some of the treatment you could maybe get another month, and if we started her on chemotherapy drugs we would be lucky if we got another 14 months...we would of loved to spend more time with our baby but we knew that the disease is progressive and didn't want her to suffer. I couldn't bring myself to putting her on so many drugs which all had alot of side effects, and who knows what damage they would of done to her little body. It was probably the most hardest thing we ever had to do but we didn't want this horrible disease to cause any more pain and suffering for our Phoebe. We stayed with her, I held her paw and she went to sleep. We miss her so much and it hurts like heck. I just hope my baby is at peace and that she knew how much we loved her...
    it saddens me to read and see the beautiful pug pictures in this group......i have my first pug and only had her about a month, she is 6 months old and ive noticed since i got her that she is very "lazy" no puppy actions at all, only eats when she really wants to and thats if im lucky once a day, she stands up and just leans her head into the couch, and recently out of know where had her first sezure, as i read the symptoms i fear my baby bell is going thru this, im so sad now and worried that maybe this first pug wont be with me for long
    • CommentAuthorJabbaPug
    • CommentTimeAug 9th 2013
    This just happened 2 days ago to my best friend Jabba. He was the best dog I ever had and I'm so crushed. He was only 4 and a half as well. I was sitting at the table with my family and Jabba was right there with us. Suddenly he rolls and his side and starts going potty and whimpering with his limbs stretched and his back arched. I tried giving him CPR and mouth to mouth. I miss my buddy :(
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