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    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2007 edited
    I love this site! I found it yesterday and what a great place to talk to other pug lovers about what we love best, PUGS!!

    My name is Sarah, my boyfriend and I have a pug named Wilbur. He's an almost three year old, neutered fawn pug. I've had him since he was a puppy and he is absolutly the greatest dog ever. I grew up with basset hounds but once I moved out of my parents house and into my first apt. I had to get a dog! I got a pug because they don't require much exercise which is ideal for apartment living. I used to be so stuck on basset hounds but once having a pug I could NEVER go back to any other breed! They are the most loving and gentel animals I've ever seen. :)

    Yesterday [April 6, 2007] my boyfriend and I put a downpayment on a new pug, we get to pick him up in about a week and we can't wait to bring him home!! We havn't picked a name yet but he is a black pug, about 9 months old!!!
    • CommentAuthorinkashtray
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2007
    Hey all, just found this place and had to join. My name's Iris and I'm a great pug lover, which is good cause otherwise I think I'd just follow old wrinkled men around all day. My last pug, Ginger, was a ten year old spade, fawn female that came from the pound six years ago. At the ripe old age of 13 she passed away. That was almost three years ago. I've been on the hunt for another older pug to rescue ever since.
    We've got a cat named Fu Man Chu (Chewie) in the house, and while he loves all the attention, I think he needs a brother or sister.

    As it is, I just freak out every time I see a small mush face. Everyone thinks I'm nuts.
    So... yeah, hello!
    • CommentAuthorAnnieWood
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2007
    My mom heard about some Chinese pug dog breeders that after a female gets too old to breed anymore they are spayed and sold for a much reduced price. Since she is on a fixed income she cannot afford the going price for a pure bred puppy. We had pugs when growing up and my mom would just love to have another now that she is alone and I am wondering if you can connect me with someone that knows about this breeders program.

    Annie Wood
    • CommentAuthorpugs4life
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2007
    Hi Everyone,

    What a great site!! My name is Kelli. My husband, John, and I have 2 adorable pugs: Lenny & Lucy who are brother & sister. They are 1-1/2 years old. We adopted them from a rescue organization and just adore them!! It's hard to believe they were in the same litter because they are so different in size!! Lenny is big for a pug and tall - my big boy weighed in at 27lbs last time we took him to the vet! Little Lucy is much smaller but full of personality - she weighed in at 15lbs. Lenny has the sweetest, most gentle nature. He loves being held like a baby . When I recently learned that my dad has Parkinson's disease, I was on the sofa crying. It was Lenny who came over and licked all my tears away. Lucy laid behind me giving her support too! :) Lucy is the mischief-maker...she's sooo cute and knows it! She loves her family so much but is the type who is always on guard duty so she has to be really tired to just lay down and relax with us! Lenny is sweet but not the smartest pug in the bunch! :) ha ha! Lucy definitely dominates even though she's half his size!! They are so curious and any young dog. We just moved into a new house. The old owners had an herb garden in the backyard. It wasn't long before those 2 came in with mint and oregano breath!!! If you're wondering, it's NOT a good combination!! ha ha!! Lenny likes to roll around in the dirt like a pig, which makes me laugh and cry at the same time because I hate giving him a bath. They are both so wonderful and have given us hours of laughing!! They especially have fun when we get the laser out!! They'll chase that for hours if we let them.

    Kelli (Lenny & Lucy's mom)
    What a neat site! I have always been in love with this breed and for a good reason, they're the best dogs ever! I had my first pug in high school, Moses, he was a fawn pug and had a strangely calm personality from birth. He would literally sit and nod his head until he fell asleep- so funny. Sadly, Moses died at a young age and I couldn't wait to get another pug. I got my second, and very first dog on "my own", after college. I always thought the black pugs were adorable, so that's what a got- a little black puggy girl named Pudgee. She will 4 years old on May 7th and she is the love of my life! Like everyone else I always feel bad leaving her alone. She adores my parents English Bulldog, Maggie, but they are 2 hours away from us. She literally gets depressed when they have to say goodbye. :( I am thinking of getting a second dog for her but wonder just how good/bad it would be on her & me? Anyone done it after the pug's been an "only child" for 4 years? She's not jealous at all. I am most worried about the housetraining- I hate a hard time with her and she will still have accidents occasionally if you dont' take her out every few hours. It would be horrible if the puppy had accidents which in turn made her worse. Also- anyone have french bulldogs? I LOVE them too, but would want a cream one and then I think about having the black & white hair! Although, she doesn't shed too bad. Do they get along well? I'd hate to not get a pug and have the new dog "bully" her. I am very excited to have found another "pug" site- we go to the pug meetups occasionally- tons of fun.

      pudgee- christmas.jpg
    • CommentAuthormatthew
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2007
    Hi i am Matty i have a black pug boy named Max who is 6 years olde and weighs about 27 lbs he use to weigh 30 lbs but we put him on a prescription diet so if you have any pugs with obesity I'm your man i love max he's pugalicious he loves attention and acts like a little clown :bigsmile:
    • CommentAuthorCasey11
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2007
    I just wanted to share my horrible pug experience. We had a wonderful, perfect pug named Casey who was adopted at 6 weeks from a breeder. She was the love of our life, very smart, learned everything within a few minutes and was a joy with the kids. However, when she was six months, she contracted a type of encephalitis and rapidly deteriorated. In moments, she was seizing, frothing at the mouth, fever, paralyzed. She went on to die the same day. We are as a family of 5 stricken with grief and beside ourselves. I honestly don't think any pug can compare to her as she fit so well with our family. I'm now afraid to get another pug. Please share any stories that might help ease my fears.
    Hey yall i am MaKayla, from TN and I'm 15. I just was wandering on the internet and found this site. I absolutly love pugs and would love to know if any one was selling or maybe giving away a pug. See i use to have a pug (he was around 3 years old) and my next door neighbor let their very large rotwieler off his chain he bruatally attacked my poor Odis and he was in so much pain that we had to put him down or he would have went into a slow painful death :cry: . I loved him and I need a new one I finally have got the strength to do so. This incident occured a year and a half ago right after my own fathers death so that time was hard enough with out losing wat i looked at as my little best friend...

    So if anyone could reach me at my email or on here how ever yall do it!\

    Thank yall,
    • CommentAuthormike
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2007
    Hey guys. I'm new to this site, so far its been alot of really good information. I'm bringing home my first pug puppy tonight. He's 8wks old.

    Still thinking of a name, so far the one we've picked is Geoff. Heh Heh

    • CommentAuthorLynL
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2007
    Hi, I'm new here. At present I have four dogs. Two Dalmatians and two Pugs. My favorite being the pugs of course, (just don't tell the Dals). I have a ten year old black pug named Sassy and a 6 week fawn male pug we plan on calling Bogart. Although that is subject to change once the personality comes out. I've had two other pugs. China and Brutus who passed away due to cancer. I just lost Brutus last October and thought my heart had been ripped out. He was very special. I had purchased him from a family that had moved into an apartment. At the time we lived in Bakersfield, Califoria. Temps there got into the 100s and they kept him outside with only a chair for shade. Needless to say I bought him. He kept us laughing for 12 years. There was not a person that didn't meet Brutus and not fall in love with him. Pugs are so very special. I'm not replacing Brutus by getting Bogart. Just adding to the fun and love. The house felt empty with just three dogs and like we all know, you can't have just one Pug.
    • CommentAuthorjennCT
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2007
    Hello fellow pug lovers. My name is Jenn. I have three dogs, Chino (my black pug), Barkley (my fawn pug) and Chad (my Boston terrier). Chino was my first dog ever and my most energetic dog to date. I got Barkley for Chino and it turned out to be the perfect gift for him. They stick together like glue. Chad was a surprise, hes my youngest. On May 9th this year Barkley had surgery for his luxating patella. :cry: He's feeling a lot better lately but he is still limited on activity. Any suggestions to keep him busy besides chewies and sleeping? He can only go for five minute walks four times a day, other wise he has to be confined in a small room not playing with the other boys. I keep him with me as much as possible, carrying him with me a lot. Help!
      postop day #1.jpg
    • CommentAuthorjennCT
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2007
    me and chino
      me and chino.jpg
    • CommentAuthorjennCT
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2007
    The three boys. Sorry the pic is fuzzy.
      three boys.jpg
    • CommentAuthorJasper
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2007
    Hey all my name is Sharon. My fiance and I have an 11 month old boy named Jasper. We got him when he was 9 weeks old and we couldn't be happier with our decision to get a pug. He is very much like a person that sometimes we forget that he IS a dog. I have been home with him day in and day out since we got him, so he is very protective of me. Not that I mind, but we have a baby of our own coming in 3 weeks. I hope that he will adjust well with that.
    • CommentAuthorMipooo
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2007
    Hello everybody, I have two dogs - one is a pug named Bubák (Bogeyman in English), the other is French Bulldog named Max. Bubák is 1 year old and Max about 9 months... Both are quite crazy and very fast - we are training for coursing (of course not for winning any contest, just for fun) - they have a lot of friends from coursing community and this happens somehow naturally.

    You can check our site if you want
    Hi everyone,

    Wow! There sure are alot of fellow pug-lovers out there! I find it interesting too that so many of us also seem to be fond of Boston Terriers!

    We got our pug, Biscuit, from a friend who bought him from a breeder and then realized he couldn't really take care of him. Knowing we were dog lovers in general, the friend turned to us ;) I didn't even know much about pugs at that time (and actually thought they were sorta ugly - yes, I know, ... I'm ashamed to admit it). But after having him for 1 day, I just love them all now in a way that I can't even describe! They are just fantastic! And sorta tug at my heart strings in some mysterious way, lol :bigsmile: Biscuit is now 3 years old, and has a hound mix brother that we adopted from the humane society named Remington.

    So nice to meet everyone; can't wait to start chatting with you guys :)
    • CommentAuthorpuggylove
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2007
    Hello everyone! I have two pugs. The first is a girl named Lucy. When she turned one we got her a little brother for her birthday. His name is Tuffy. At first she wasn't so sure about him, but now they are the best of friends. I can't believe how much personality they have. I can't imagine my life without them.

    I can't wait to talk to other pug lovers!
    • CommentAuthordlwc58
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2007
 to this forum, but I belong to a few others, and I recognize some of the names here, so I imagine I won't be new to everyone :) My family consists of my DH, his oldest son, our 10 year old Tabby Pumpkin, and our two fawn pugs, Ting, who will be two on September 1st and Chester, our special needs rescue pug, two months younger than Ting. Ting is our diva dog. She adores dressing up and will pull clothes from her basket for you to put on her. She is a bit on the small side, at only 17 very fit lbs. but looks huge next to our Little Man Chester. Chester is always mistaken for a puppy. And, it's a good thing too because it allows him to be the mischievious little imp that he is without anyone getting angry with him (how could you get mad at that little face?). Ting and Chester have been together one year now, and are inseperable...although, they've been that since they were introduced to one another just over a year ago. Pumpkin has decided, after a year of toying with Chester and giving Ting the evil eye, that she wants to play Mama Cat to the "little ones". The other day I came in and she was laying on the chair with Ting curled up next to her. Pumpkin was licking Chester's chin. It doesn't get any better than that :)
    • CommentAuthordlwc58
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2007
    Oh, pictures!!!!

      Chester Im ready for my closeup.jpg
    • CommentAuthordlwc58
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2007
    And Ting:
      Ting at Grad School.JPG
    • CommentTimeJul 5th 2007 edited
    Hey there!
    Just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat I am. I just wanted one pug, but ended up with two, Dink and Lola. Then somehow a year later, two more joined the family, Frodo and Olive. Is it better to buy in bulk? Throw in a cat with an identity crisis, so make it a family of 4 plus a wannabe pug. I'm fortunate to have a king size bed.
      dink 008.jpg
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2007
    Hello all!

    My wife and I are soon to get an addition to our little family: a little solid black boy! We've seen just 1 picture of him so far as his birthday was June 28, 2007. We will be introducing Bobdog into our home in late August.

    'Til then, will keep reading all of your ever so helpful hints.

    Hello Everyone,
    Our family just adopted two pug female littermates. We adore them! Hoping all goes well. We went to pick up one and the other did not have a home and the breeder asked if we would like her also . Next thing we know we have two did that happen. Has anyone have experience with this situation??
    hi, just found the website while searching for some cool pug wallpapers! my pugs are Rowdy (black) and Rascal (fawn)...age 5 and 4. Pugs are the best dogs ever and i would never have another breed!
      Pictures 040.jpg
    • CommentAuthorAerun
    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2007
    Hey Everyone! I am researching everything I can about pugs before I get one (or rather it gets me). So far everything I have read and researched has pointed me into that direction. As soon as I find the right breeder and the right pug, I'll post pictures. Thanks for this forum!
    • CommentAuthornatselane
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2007

    We have 2 pugs; Schroeder, a 3.5 yr old apricot fawn and Bullett an almost 3 yr old fawn. Bullett is a rescue pug from APARN (Arizona Pug Adoption & Rescue Network) and Schroeder came from a breeder. They are the best animals I have ever been around. Schroeder is the Biggest Looser Pug and his personal trainer, Bullett, came into the picture when Schroeder weighed 33 lbs! He is now down to 25.

    Not growing up with dogs, it was an adjustment for me when I married my husband, however, I now find myself wanting to get more and more pugs. They're addicting because of their personalities.

    ~karla & chris
      Cute Schroeder Bullett_3_compressed.jpg
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2007
    Hi, my name is Sandra and I live in Miami, FL. I had been reading this site for a while but finally decided to write something for the contest... kind of shy, right? My pug's name is Coco. He is 1 yr 10 mos old. I got him as a Christmas present when he was 3 months old. The first time I saw a pug in my life (there should be very few in my country, I guess) was little before that. He was adorable! We got Coco at a pet store and after 1 1/2 months at the house he started to feel sick. For the next 3 months he stayed almost half of the time at the vet hospitalized. It was really confusing to watch him so sick one thay and so perfect the next one, after the IV hydratation. The vet was as lost as I was. After an awful crisis (coco was either dead or in coma for minutes) I finally got a referall to the correct specialist and he was diagnosed with addison's disease (adrenal insufficiency). He's been under treatment since and is fine now. At the same time he had eye and skin problems. Skin is fine now, thanks to the annoying shedding he doesn't have dark hairless spots anymore!... but the eyes had so many problems that even after surgery had to be removed. I know all this sound very sad, and coco and I had a very hard time last year - one thing after another - but coco is such a strong dog that I couldn't let him go. I swear I have never seen such a happy and demanding dog!
    I have to go now. My boss is asking me to open the fridge door... its time for carrots!
    • CommentAuthorteresap76
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2007
    Hi My name is Teresa and My family and I have 2 pugs Ginger (11yrs) and Mimi (2 yrs), as well as Sammy (6 yrs) the akita and Sally the chihuahua (5 yrs). Sound Like alot but they are all the best of friends. We started out with Sally and Sammy then we aquired Daphney our english bulldog who died due being spayed (faulty suture material). My uncle resced Ginger and after Daphney passed away gave her to me. I would not trade her for the world, she is the sweetest most appreciative dog you could ever meet. My uncle the breeder gave me Mimi about a year later she was the pick of the litter for stud fee. Mimi has turned out to be the reincarnate of Daphaney and I could not be happier. I love them all so much.
      10202006 010.jpg
    • CommentAuthorteresap76
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2007
    Ginger and Sally
      dogs 001.jpg
    • CommentAuthorteresap76
    • CommentTimeJul 28th 2007
    mimi up top
    below Ginger and Sammy
      braves 001.jpg
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2007
    Hello my name is Charli, ive just joined as i am getting a pug, he will be coming home to me at the end of August i cant wait!!!!!!
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2007 edited
    I will being getting pics sent of my new baby boy soon .... so as soon as i do i will show all u guys. i also have to think of a name if u guys have any ideas im happy to hear :)
    • CommentAuthormike
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2007
    Charli, I think people names are hilarious. My pug puppy is named Jeff. Is your pup a boy or a girl?

    Either a people name or a random inatimate object -- like lunchbox or gluegun or altoids or tv -- are great ways to name pets. Or you could name your pug another kind of animal -- like turtle or hipo. (duck-billed platypus is too long, I think...) :)

    Have fun with it no matter what you do!
    ~karla w/ Schroeder (after the former chancelor of Germany) and Bullett
    Hi everyone,

    We have an 11 week old pug named Thor who we just brought home about three weeks ago. We also have a 7 year old Pappillon named Michelle, who is adjusting well from being an only dog to being a big sister pretty well, even if she does get sick of Thor from time to time. I found this site after we got Thor when I was doing google searches to learn about pugs. He's a lot of fun and we even take him and Michelle with to the office (we work for dog lovers who bring their own little dogs in). Much like a lot of the other posters in this thread, I love Boston Terriers, too, and actually had wanted to get one of them instead of a pug (Thor was my birthday present). My fiance, however, told me over and over how she has always wanted a pug and convinced me to go 'look' at some pug puppies, and, of course, upon seeing little Thor and having him promptly lick my nose and then fall asleep with his head on my hand, there was no way we weren't getting him.

    The picture below is from the night we brought him home, and he's attacking the cord from my fiance's digital camera.
    • CommentAuthorbunnyangel
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2007
    Hi my name is Tanya . im a 33 year old mom . I work as a nurses aide in our local nursing home. Im looking for a pug puppy to make part of our family. looking for someone that loves to cuddle( hubby takes up too much room) LOL .I work nights and will be home all day with my new baby.Im searching in NJ area. I have found many outside of NJ but the shipping kills me:-( Anyone looking to find a new home for their pug puppy but not asking for alot of money for him/her PLEASE contact me at smurf_bunny@
    • CommentAuthorShanimal
    • CommentTimeAug 16th 2007
    My name is Shannon. I'd wanted a pug since I was twelve and eleven years later I finally adopted a little fawn boy that I named Cash. He's ten weeks old, tiny, adorable. I've determined that he's better than all other doggies in Seattle. I'm over the moon for Cash!
    • CommentAuthormarCe
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2007 edited
    Hi! I'm Marce and I'm from Guayaquil, Ecuador. I am the proud owner of Jackie, my beautiful 7 month-old fawn girlie pug and I'm so thankful that she gives me joy and bliss everyday ever since she came into our house. She's such a crazy and sweet little thing! I'm absolutely grateful for this site since the search for my girl started on 2004, and became totally in luv with the little guys, finally during March of this year I found her =) Here's a pic for you guys to see!
    • CommentAuthorsweetbees
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2007
    Hi pug lovers!! I am Debbie from Illinois. We have a 1 year old fawn male pug named Walter. He is the sweetest little guy!! My husband had wanted one for a few years and I kept saying "No way!" I finally suprised him with a 2 month old Walter last fall and now I don't know how I ever lived without him!! We had to put our 10 1/2 year old Golden Retriever to sleep last week :( Very sad day. He had liver cancer and basically just stopped eating. I miss him very much but I know it would be worse if I didn't have my funny guy Walter here to make me smile.

    We are now looking into adopting a pug from a rescue. (My husband says "Man, you didn't even want one and now you want two!!" What can I say, I am smitten!!) He is only 10 months old but has a few health problems. He has luxating patellas (sp?) in which one knee has already had surgery on and for now, the other knee is fine but they can't say for sure that he won't ever need it.

    The foster Mom called today and he has an ulcer on his eye that she took him in for and that is healing but they also found that he has PK too! Poor little guy! Has anyone had to deal with these health issues and if so, how did it go? I just don't want him to lose his eyesight.

    I am going to try to upload a picture of Walter baby!
      P7210001 (3).JPG
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2007
    Bobdog came home with us yesterday! He is 8 weeks old, and we are happy to be a part of this forum. Here he is....
    Hi everyone!
    I really like this site and all your joyful pug stories! My name is Alisa and I just got a 10 mnth male fawn pug puppy last week! He's name is Meiko and I just adore him! He's very playful and relatively well behaved for a pup. I'm very excited to see his own personality develop as he grows older! I live in Canada, Ontario as a student and will be heading back to school next week. But for the time being I am at home where we have another dog, her name is Jayda and she is a Doberman-GermanShepard-Lab (very big). Meiko just loves her! He's already starting to show some personality. He found Jayda's old toy basket and will climb inside to get a desired toy. Its very cute as he can barely climb in! he's such a joy and just the site of him brings a smile to my face!
    Looking forward to hearing more about your pugs and hopefully I'll be able to get and give some tips and advice as Meiko grows and becomes more mischievous!
    Take care,
    -Alisa and Meiko :thumbup:
    Just wondering how i can get my 2 pugs to stop shedding? Or what i can use to help it.

    Thank You, Misty owner of Elliemae and Jethro
    • CommentAuthorSara
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2007
    Hello everyone, my name's Lucy and am very gorgeous if you dont mind me saying. I`m a bit imperious and wont play with the other dogs in the park, but am not above munching grass like a sheep when no-one is looking. I go to work with my bodyguard and take charge of the office monday to friday... god forbid they dont give me a spot of milk when they all have coffee!!!!
    I can screech like a banshee to get what I want, but know how how turn on the charm and act like a princess when required. You may tut, but hey I get what I like... comfy sofa, most of the bed and walks on demand. Oh and the bodyguard's not too bad either!
    From the bodyguard: Hi Sara here, I cannot remember life pre-lucy, she is the apple of my eye, but can be a little madam! We have done more training than a NASA candidate and yet... she still does"come" in her own puggy time. She is a placid pug, likes people more than other dogs and doesnt care for toys/treats unless you have them.
    Adore her... as we all do
      Lucy 2.gif
    • CommentAuthorjaja2727
    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2007
    HI EVERYONE...i am owned by Bubba,my 1yr 4 month pug! HE IS MY LIFE he is my pride and joy! I LOVE PUGS
    im that pug crazy person...pug clothes, statuettes, pugs everywhere! THIS IS an amazing site.
    • CommentAuthorsiouxxy
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2007
    Hello I am a momma to my pugalicious Fred Wick Prints he is a 2.5 yr old pug and I just adopted a 4 yr old femaile pug .. this babies are my life .. but want some input on how to integrate the new Flexy into our family??
    Hi there! I am Marie from New Hampshire. I have two purgs, Lucky (fawn) and Roxy Dragon Pebbles (black). I had two before that that we rescued at 5 years old and had for over ten years before they went to the Bridge. My husband and I both work but none of the four seem/ed to mind as they always had a sister around to keep them company. I had a Dyson Animal but got a Kirby a few years back. (this thing vacuums like nothing else I have ever seen, but they are expensive). Roxy does not shed as much as Lucky, having only one coat of fur, but she does get colder in the winter. Lucky is the daughter of champions and has a much different typer of fur than some other fawn pugs I have seen. Gizmo & Gadget look a lot like her. I would like to invite people to read Roxy's blog if that's okay. It's at
    I cannot imagine life without pugs, they are truly the most wonderful dogs to own. I found a company that had t-shirts and stickers that said "If it is not a pug it is just a dog". My husband saw the pug oval sticker and wants one for the cars. Here is a picture of my two. Nice to read everyone's comments.
    • CommentTimeSep 15th 2007 edited
    Hello. I am the proud new mom of a 3-yr old male pug. I son and daughter-in-law had one and I fell in love with her. I have always had dogs, parents were breeders but never a pug. New issues to learn about with these little guys.
    Mac came to me through my vet who said the owners could no longer keep him where they were moving to. Boy did I luck out.

    Happy I found this forum and plan to utilize it to the max!
    • CommentAuthorpugs1
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2007 edited
    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Deniece. My husband Dennis and I are owned by two of the cutest pugs; Duke, who is 7 and Abbie, who is 6 1/2. They are the best. I can't think of better couch potatoe buddies.
      Picture 024.jpg
    I just got my pug this Saturday, Sept 22 2007. He is a little black male born 7-7-07. He is my 8 year old sons and mine dog, we have named him Mr. Wiggles. We will call him Wiggles for short. Anyway glad to be here and will be posting about my dog often.

    • CommentAuthorpugslave
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2007
    Hi Everyone,
    Ten years ago my nephew came to live with me and wanted a dog. Although I was concerned at the time that owning an animal might be too much commitment for me, I obliged. First we looked for a rescue dog then went to the pet shop where we found the cutest pug puppy. Lucky for me the $850 price tag at the pet shop was too high at the time and I found a fabulous breeder. She even offered to refund my money if I decided the commitment was too great. Afterall, she didn't want her baby to be unhappy. That was 10 wonderful years and 5 pugs ago! I am the most greatful slave to DeweyB (named after my uncle--10), Ms. Emily (7) and their offspring Diva and Duke (5). Sadly, ClaireBaby didn't make it thru surgery when being spayed. The love and joy my babies have given me more than make up for the never ending pug hair remediation, trips to the vet and pet stores.
    Thanks for the forum! I love knowing that I'm not the only one crazy enough to be owned by four pugs.
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